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September 24, 2021
Mesa County, CO Report w/ HollyAtAltitude & AshInAmerica

Tina Peters will be exonerated. Her courage will pay off.

Follow these lovely ladies as they expose the corruption in CO.


And follow this guy, cuz he's saving the world too.

Twitter @CannConActual
Gettr @CannCon

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BIG BREAKING NEWS: Robin Vos kicks Rep. Tim Ramthun out from constitutional decertification meeting

These are the moments you find out who someone truly is!

Today was the day Rep. Ramthun and his set of Constitutional attorneys were going to meet with Robin Vos, who he had agreed to meet with publicly in a radio interview just a few weeks back, to talk about the mechanism and constitutionality of decertification.

Before the meeting even begins, Vos tells Tim directly to leave the meeting.

The meeting in which was set up by his work in bringing the resolution AJR 120 to the floor.

Tim joins us to talk about it in this interview which took place at 11:00 a.m. on 3/16 WHILE THE MEETING WAS STILL HAPPENING!

I'll save my commentary on the matter until after you've heard from Tim.

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She is on FIRE! Interview w/ GA Gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor

As always, Kandiss Taylor shows why she's the frontrunner in the running for Governor of Georgia. We go over:

-VoterGA's recent fraudulent findings in Fulton County
-President Trump's endorsement of David Perdue
-Stacey Abrams
-How her campaign slogan "Jesus, Guns & Babies" started
-What the people of GA really want
-and much more.

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Ep. 6: Exposure After Dark

Jason and I love being with you guys in these episodes. It's just so much fun for us to bring the news to you in a different format. Thank you all for spending your time with us. We know how valuable this 1+ hour is to y'all and we hope it offers you an escape from your regular everyday routine.

This week Jason and I discuss the current events surrounding:

-Clarence Thomas' discussing the Roe v. Wade leak
-Twitter's fake propaganda
-Twitter's censorship exposed by Project Veritas
-Fraud Resident Biden's approval rating
-And, as always, we cap it off with our toxic masculinity points of the week

Some must see video clips in here as well.

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November 03, 2022

Ron Klain has been pivotal in successive administrations and needs to be looked into.

October 27, 2022

Call and FAX to the Supreme Court of George Nathan Deal Judicial Center of Georgia, phone 1-404-656-3470 and FAX 1-404-656-2251 with this message: "In light of the ruling S22G0039 Sons of Confederate Veterans et al vs Henry County Board of commissioner ruling that voters and citizens have standing, we are asking you to expedite case S22C1285 Garland Favorito et al vs Alex Wan which has been waiting for assignment. The reason is this Garland Favorito case is on a timeline and the voter evidence must be saved and not destroyed.

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