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January 06, 2022
The REAL Story of J6 - Mike Pence

So many questions. SO much gaslighting. People want to know... why did the capitol breach happen?

Bad actors instigated it. Video evidence of people changing their clothes mid-riot from Trump gear back to Antifa regulars prove just a small portion of that. Salt Lake City activist John Sullivan got paid for his footage inside the capitol. And he was let out of jail on bond. Hell, even the Feds with Ray Epps were there on Jan. 5th instigating the day before.

But why? Why did they need this "stopage?"

Among many reason, I believe a portion of that answer, and in my opinion the most consequential, lies with the role of the President of the Senate, Mike Pence.

Here is the real reason they needed a J6-type event.

This is a story I did 7 months ago during my YT days, back when they actually somewhat allowed a patriot voice, and it still holds up today. In fact, I'd say a day like today is EXACTLY the day it was meant for.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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